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Food Preservatives
We are offering various types of Food Preservatives which includes sodium benzonate, benzoic acid and many more. These are widely used in food and beverage industries for the production of food items and keep them preserve for a longer period of time.
Speciality Chemicals
Speciality Chemicals availed by our company are used for the formulation of many different types of industrial elements. Buyers can get these premium quality industrial chemicals in large quantities at a reasonable and low price.
Lubricant Additives
Lubricant Additives are premium quality elements that are used for the manufacturing of the friction reducing industrial grade liquids. These additives improve the viscosity index and gives properties such as pressure and temperature resistance.
Lubricant Components
Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd is one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Lubricant Components that are available in various different physical forms such as solid, powdered and liquid. They are used to enhance the physical as well as chemical properties of the lubricants.
Brake Fluid
We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium quality Brake Fluid that are especially formulated for the hydraulically controlled braking systems. These used to make link free actuation channel in between the lever and the brake pads.

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