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Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate (300TBN)

Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate (300TBN)

195 INR/Kilograms

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  • 195 INR/Kilograms
  • 200 Kilograms

Product Description

Calcium petroleum sulfonate is a type of lubricant additive that is commonly used in the automotive and industrial lubrication industry. It is derived from petroleum and is used to enhance the performance and durability of lubricating oils, particularly in high-temperature and high-stress applications.

# Here are some key properties and uses of calcium petroleum sulfonate:

1. Detergency: Calcium petroleum sulfonate is primarily used as a detergent and dispersant in lubricating oils. It helps to keep the engine or machinery clean by preventing the formation of deposits, sludge, and varnish.

2. Rust and corrosion protection: This additive also provides rust and corrosion protection to metal surfaces in contact with the lubricant. It forms a protective film that helps prevent the oxidation and degradation of metal components.

3. Alkalinity: Calcium petroleum sulfonate additives are typically alkaline, which helps neutralize the acidic byproducts of combustion in engines. This helps to maintain the pH balance of the lubricating oil.

4. High-temperature stability: These additives are known for their thermal stability, making them suitable for high-temperature applications such as in the lubrication of engines, particularly diesel engines.

5. Water tolerance: They also offer good tolerance to water contamination, which can be beneficial in applications where water ingress is a concern.

# Applications of Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate:

1. Engine Oils: Calcium petroleum sulfonate additives are widely used in engine oils, especially in heavy-duty diesel engine oils. They help keep the engine clean by preventing the formation of deposits, sludge, and varnish. They also provide rust and corrosion protection to engine components.

2. Gear Oils: These additives can be used in gear oils, particularly in high-stress and high-temperature applications. They assist in maintaining the cleanliness and lubricity of gears, reducing wear and extending the lifespan of gear systems.

3. Industrial Lubricants: In various industrial machinery and equipment, such as hydraulic systems, compressors, and turbines, calcium petroleum sulfonate additives are employed to ensure the lubricants stay clean and provide protection against corrosion and wear.

4. Metalworking Fluids: In metalworking processes like cutting, drilling, and machining, these additives are used to create effective metalworking fluids that offer lubrication, cooling, and rust prevention.

5. Greases: Calcium petroleum sulfonate can be included in grease formulations, enhancing their ability to maintain cleanliness, reduce friction, and prevent corrosion, making them suitable for use in various applications, from automotive to industrial.

6. Marine Lubricants: In marine engines and equipment, where conditions can be especially demanding due to saltwater exposure and high temperatures, calcium petroleum sulfonate additives help provide protection and cleanliness.

7. Railroad Lubricants: In the railroad industry, these additives are used in engine oils, gear oils, and other lubricants to ensure the reliable operation of locomotives and rail equipment.

8. Mining and Construction Equipment: In heavy machinery used in mining and construction, calcium petroleum sulfonate additives are used to extend the life of equipment and prevent wear and corrosion under extreme conditions.

9. Agricultural Equipment: Agricultural machinery, such as tractors and combine harvesters, benefit from the use of these additives to maintain lubrication effectiveness and protect against wear and corrosion.

10. Aviation Lubricants: In the aviation industry, where high-performance lubricants are crucial for the safety and efficiency of aircraft engines and systems, calcium petroleum sulfonate additives can play a role in maintaining cleanliness and corrosion resistance.

11. Drilling Fluids: In the oil and gas industry, these additives are used in drilling fluids to prevent wear on drilling equipment, maintain the stability of drilling mud, and reduce the risk of corrosion in downhole components.

# FAQ:

Q. What is calcium petroleum sulfonate, and what is its primary function in lubricants?

Ans: Calcium petroleum sulfonate is a type of lubricant additive derived from petroleum. Its primary function in lubricants is as a detergent and dispersant. It helps keep the lubricating oil clean by preventing the formation of deposits, sludge, and varnish.

Q. How does calcium petroleum sulfonate prevent deposits in lubricating oils?

Ans: It works by dispersing and solubilizing contaminants and impurities, preventing them from settling out of the oil and forming deposits on engine or machinery surfaces.

Q. What are the advantages of using calcium petroleum sulfonate additives in lubricants?

Ans: Some advantages include their thermal stability, rust and corrosion protection, alkalinity to neutralize acidic byproducts, and water tolerance. They are well-suited for high-temperature and high-stress applications, making them popular in engine oils and industrial lubricants.

Q. In which applications are calcium petroleum sulfonate additives commonly used?

Ans: These additives are commonly used in engine oils, gear oils, and industrial lubricants. They are frequently employed in heavy-duty diesel engine oils for automotive and industrial applications.

Q. Are there different formulations of calcium petroleum sulfonate additives?

Ans: Yes, the exact formulation can vary between manufacturers and specific applications. Different formulations may offer variations in performance characteristics.

Q. How do calcium petroleum sulfonate additives interact with other lubricant additives?

Ans: They can be used in combination with other additives, such as anti-wear additives, antioxidants, and friction modifiers, to tailor the lubricant's properties to specific requirements.

Q. Can calcium petroleum sulfonate additives be used in synthetic lubricants?

Ans: Yes, these additives can be used in both conventional mineral oil-based lubricants and synthetic lubricants, depending on the specific formulation and application.

Q. Are there any potential drawbacks or limitations to using calcium petroleum sulfonate additives?

Ans: While they offer many benefits, excessive use of calcium petroleum sulfonate additives can lead to issues like filterability problems in some applications. Proper formulation and dosage are crucial to avoid such issues.

Q. Do these additives have any environmental or regulatory considerations?

Ans: Like other lubricant additives, there may be environmental and regulatory considerations related to their use, storage, and disposal. It's important to follow local regulations and best practices in handling and managing these additives.

Q. Can I mix lubricants with calcium petroleum sulfonate additives with other lubricants?

Ans: In general, it's best to follow the manufacturer's recommendations when mixing lubricants, as compatibility can vary. Mixing lubricants with different additives can impact performance, so it's important to ensure compatibility to avoid potential issues.
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